Skónčnje wona tu je!
We finally made it – Our new recording is born!
Thank you to our friends and families and especially:🌟Załožba za serbski lud🌟JeanBaptiste Meyrieux🌟Joe Dejarnette/Studio 808a🌟The Kliem Family🌟Carolina Eyck🌟Johanna Isselstein🌟Torben Schmeiduch🌟Phillipp Gerhardt🌟Mato Nowak
🌟Roman Pernak

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Serbska reja: Session

Sorbian traditional dance music reinterpreted from old manuscripts, ethnographic collections and new compositions

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Charles Mathieu at Roy de Rats recording studio Leipzig, 26.11.17
Live session recording
No overdubs, no effects

Have fun and dance!